Valued Opinions is a web survey company in which members get paid for answering surveys.

As its name indicates, the company values costumer opinions in subject matters varying significantly – from fashion, sports, and vehicles to more imperative issues like the economic situation, global warming, and political events. By answering surveys, members are paid for their personal thoughts.

Is Valued Opinions One More Paid Surveys Swindle?

Valued Opinions takes both small and big companies as clients and gets power from Research Now. Online survey sites are utilised by these corporations to reach out to their customers and discover how their products are doing using online survey sites.

These are highly useful for companies to ascertain how their products are doing in the market and to gain feedback from their clients. Research Now is an affiliate in good standing of the Council of American Survey Research Organization, and they also of an affiliate of the Better Business Bureau.
It’s pretty simple to join this paid surveys organisation.

It’s free, and the registration should not take longer than a minute or two to complete. An applicant simply fills out a registration form and includes basic information like their e-mail address, and then they enter a password. At about that point the candidate will be offered some simple surveys to fill in, and it’s a good idea to finish these as it can increase the chances of acceptance.

Once a participator is registered he can receive many e-mails which contain the surveys to be finished. Surveys are sent to registrants who’ve indicated an interest in certain topics. The e-mails received will give an idea of the content of the survey, how much they will be paid, and a guess of the time it requires to complete the survey.

After registration, invites to surveys come in the member’s email regularly. Surveys are adapted to the applicant’s personal profile, and the surveys will be despatched to the members who are most qualified to answer them. These emai will give an idea of what the survey is concerning, how much the member will be paid for finishing the survey, and an estimation of how long it’ll take to finish it.

Upon finishing the survey, the payment amount starts to turn up at the private page on thier website. Members will often make $2 – $5 for each qualified survey. They can make up to $50 for expert surveys.

Once the payment reaches $20, an affiliate is entitled to a reward in which the payment could be used. The reward is composed of vouchers or gift vouchers from leading reward providers like Tesco, John Lewis, Arcadia, Boots, Argos, Amazon, Topman, Marks and Sprencer, HMV, and Marriott. Naturally, as some members need to earn, others may also want to share their revenues.

Payment from Valued Opinions can also be received by partner charities such as WWF; World Vision; English Red Cross and Amnesty International. These rewards have caused quite a buzz and many thought it’s all simply a Valued Opinions trick.

One common complaint is that members are not sent surveys on a regular basis. That suggests a few of the people cannot earn a large amount. Crediting the account does take some time, so there may be a delay in delivering surveys.

Conducting research can be a laboured process sometimes. This is going to be due to the fact that some respondents do not complete the surveys, or do not answer the questions honestly. This returns bad information, causing issues for the researcher. Some of the information therefore can be dubious.

In spite of these Problems, many of those who take part In Valued Opinions surveys are very happy with the frequency of surveys and their takings.

If you are able to qualify to take a large number of surveys, Valued Opinions will give you the opportunity to earn some additional cash doing this easy part time work.