Here is basically how Project Payday actually works:

So this is how it is going. You go browsing and sign on to get a free bottle of the latest snake oil. This snake oil typically costs $100 a bottle, but all you have to pay is a shipping and handling charge of five dollars. All you have to do is send me your invoice and I will send you a check for maybe $25, which covers your effort and time, which should also include the time you may take to cancel the automatic monthly cargo of your snake oil, if you do not then, you will be billed for it.

Sounds cool does it not? You only need to pay 5 dollars and receive a check for $25, which is an automated $20 profit for 5 minutes work. The affiliate that referred you receives a larger check than you do. Whatever, everyone is just as satisfied as a lark, nobody loses right? Somebody does lose and that’s the company.

But Is This Moral?

The above is an illustrative example of what is called incentivized selling, and Project Payday is an internet course that teaches you how to earn commissions promoting cost per action offers in a similar way.

Not everybody is acquainted with cost per action selling. This involves free or extremely reasonable trial offers which is a selling system designed to get products into the hands of new clients, hoping that the company will gain sales afterward.

Have you seen any advertising banners that offer you iPods, Cash, or Laptops simply to complete a survey?

Those are called “Incentivized Freebie Internet sites” or IFWs and are the heart of Project Payday scam model.

These firms truly will give you the freebie after completing a survey or a particular number of affiliate offers, but there is a catch.

Before you qualify to receive the item in question you should either give up your personal information, complete a minimum number of trial offers, agree to a monthly vehicle shipment, or even recruit a half-dozen of your family and friends to finish the same offer.

Of course there could be individuals that are truly interested in a certain product or service and naturally that’s a different situation perhaps they do need a monthly supply of acne cream!

But this is an affiliate internet marketing scheme which essentially bribes you into completing an offer and then tells you can cancel it straight afterwards the company whose product it is, is getting cheated.

The company is losing money as it is paying the affiliate and you for doing something that is fundamentally unethical and deceptive. Accordingly, the answer to any question about Project Payday will often include the phrase” no it isn’t ethical.” But then if you haven’t any morals and are thrilled to collect commissions that way, then at last if enough folk do it the company will finally go broke and you’ll essentially be slaughtering the golden goose.

That being said, there plenty of people making six-figure even seven-figure incomes working part-time from home promoting CPA offers.

The difference is they promote the offers in such a fashion as to attraction people who are sincerely inquisitive about at least trying the product.

It is a proved model and it works well once you master the art and science of promoting.